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We’re more than a clinic, we’re a community

At Emble Allied Health, we’re more than a clinic; we’re a vibrant community dedicated to empowering children and families. Nestled within the North-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, our integrated approach brings together a comprehensive array of services, including Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Key Working, Psychology, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and Therapy Assistance

We’re firm believers that enriching the lives of the children and their families we serve goes beyond the confines of the clinic room; it extends deep into the heart of the community.

This is why we offer comprehensive education and training programs, parent support programs, group therapy sessions, and much more.

our services

your pathway to empowerment

Therapy Assistant Program

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Group Therapy Blocks

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Allied Health Therapy Services

We provide Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Key Working, Psychology, Music Therapy, Art Therapy and Therapy Assistance all under one roof, promoting an evidence-based, integrated approach to supporting children, adolescents and their families.

Assessments & Reports

Our multidisciplinary team provides an extensive array of formal, standardised, and diagnostic assessments and reports. These tools are invaluable in gaining a deep understanding of a child's strengths, facilitating goal setting, accessing additional supports, and monitoring progress effectively.

Intensive Therapy Blocks

Our intensive therapy blocks offer children the opportunity to receive concentrated therapy or support, often involving multiple sessions within a short timeframe, tailored to address specific areas of concern as deemed clinically appropriate.

Group Therapy Programs

Our group therapy programs, designed by our Therapists, foster skill development in a supportive small-group setting, while our 'Special Interest Groups' facilitate connections among children with shared interests in a safe, nurturing environment.

Home Therapy Kits

Our Therapy Kits, meticulously curated by our team of Therapists, are tailored to children of all abilities, fostering growth in speech, language, motor skills, emotional regulation, and social interaction. Each themed kit comprises toys, resources, and activities aligned with a child's goals & interests, designed for easy implementation within the comfort of your home.

Education & Training

We regularly conduct education and training sessions for parents, educators, and the broader community, including local businesses, to promote the creation of an inclusive and accessible community for all.

Parent Support

In a safe and nurturing setting, our Therapists facilitate regular gatherings where parents and caregivers can connect and share their experiences with others who have similar journeys, fostering a supportive community atmosphere.

We offer clinic-based, telehealth and mobile therapy services.

A message from the Founder & CEO

Talia Pulis

Founder & CEO

Drawing from my roles as a mother, seasoned paediatric Speech Pathologist, experienced leader, and visionary in the allied health sector, I established Emble Allied Health (formerly Northern Kids Therapy) in January 2020.

Fueled by passion, my mission centres on fostering a community where clients, parents, and staff feel empowered, nurtured, and valued. Through cultivating a cohesive team culture and assembling like-minded individuals under one roof, I aim to enrich the lives of children and families. I believe in the transformative impact of community empowerment through education, training, and advocacy, striving to create a safe, connected, and supportive environment for every child and family to thrive.

With heartfelt sincerity, I extend a warm welcome from my team and family to yours, inviting you into our community with open arms and without judgement. Here, you are in a safe and understanding space, and I thank you for choosing Emble Allied Health to support you on your journey.

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